What else would you like to know about me? How about I put a list of what I think I would like you to know more about!

Droopy, Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons, Hey Arnold!, Sponge Bob Square Pants! 
Silver, Blue
Lebanese, Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese
Shawshank Redemption, American Pie Series, Bad Boys Series, James Bond Series, Office Space Office Space Office Space... you gotta love it! Dave Chapelle show! Original Kings of Comedy! The 40 year old Virgin!
Anything I love it all! I really have a passion for electronic music as well as anything that can make me move or feel something.   I listen to Tiesto yes i do! even though people think he is commercial i still like him.  Tosca, Danny Tenaglia, Kevin Saunderson and Derek May as well as some Richie Hawton and one of the my favorites and friends Stacey Pullen.  And some Salsa Music because I am taking salsa lesson.  I also enjoy listening to Chill Out music such as Buddha Bar type.  http://www.tiesto.com, http://www.fuse-indetroit.com (I was the project manager for their VIP booths)
Playstation2 Game
NBA street 2, Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas)
Outdoor Activity
Basketball, swimming, Snowboarding, Skydiving
PF Changs, Minolta Tower, Niagara Falls
From Max & Erma's Tortilla Soup (Yummy)
November 10th 1977
2004 Ford Explorer Sport XLS


My past, how can I forget, well my past is pretty cool I think, I lived in Hazmieh, Lebanon, a fairly quite neighborhood and went to school at MEC in Jamhour (Area in Lebanon) in which I got my Baccalaureate in Experimental Sciences with my mom’s help lol! Then after graduating from there, I was accepted at the business school at NDU in which I majored in Business Administration Marketing Management.